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Have you tried the different combinations of Poutine? If you haven’t then do not deprive yourself of the delicious tastes of mouth-watering Poutines. At Jimmy’s Fries & Shakes we present to you the best combinations of Poutines that you can ever have. Though originated in Quebec, Poutine has become so popular across Canada that people wonder whether this is the official food of the country!!! For those who are new to this Poutine – it is basically a dish invented in Quebec, prepared from French fries, topped with a light brown gravy-like sauce and cheese curds. Although originated in Quebec, yet we have blended the perfect taste in this dish. It is perfect combination of French fries, garnished with cheese curds and our signature gravy. Hence you must check out the best Poutine in town.

At Jimmy’s Fries and Shakes, the combinations are endless. Take a look at our Poutine recipes and milk shakes.

Chicken Teriyaki Poutine


The chicken teriyaki with parsley, green onion, black olives, red and green bell peppers and cheese curds is sure to charm you with its mouthwatering taste. If you haven’t tasted poutine then you must start with this classic Poutine delicacy.


Brunch Poutine



Have you tried the yummy combination of eggs, bacon, red and yellow capsicum, and corn served with cheese curds with our Brunch Poutine. It is indeed an exotic dish and will stick to lips for a long time.



Veggie Poutine



If you are veggie then you must check out the Veggie Poutine; prepared from waffle or regular fries, jalapenos, black olives, sour cream, tomatoes, orange and green bell peppers topped with our homemade cheddar cheese sauce.



Falafel Poutine





Have French fries with sauce at home! At Jimmy’s you must Falafel, fried eggplants, parsley and white cheese sauce served with cheese curds. Yes you must try our Falafel Poutine. It is sure to delight you.








Ring-o-tine offers you the perfect blend of onion rings with parsley, white cheese sauce and cheese curds.







This is one of the popular signature dishes at Jimmy’s fires. It combines poutine with Tex Mex flavor. It is the perfect marriage of beef chili, kidney beans, caramelized onions, sour creams, green and red bell peppers, chopped parsley, tomatoes and cheddar cheese served with cheese curds.




Seafood Poutine



You don’t love chicken or egg. Want to try some fish poutine? Yes we will cater to your needs by presenting to you the Seafood Poutine. It is the unique combination of Calamari rings, white fish fillet, shrimps, crab, squid with green onions, red and yellow bell peppers, and cheese sauce served with cheese curds.


fdsfdsgfsdfdsfdsMr Food lover; the list has not finished yet. We have more to offer. Check out our delicious and lip-smacking milk shakes





Milkshakes are everyone’s favorite summertime treats, especially when fresh fruits are used to make them. Whether you try the Peach or Strawberry milk shake, you will enjoy it till the last drop. Your satisfaction is our pride. Hence we present to you milk shakes in different flavors including

  • Peach: A concoction of vanilla ice-cream, milk and peaches this goes best with our Ring-O-Tine.
  • Orange: Chilled milk and Orange is a great combo and the pulpy orange flavor is a big hit among our customers.
  • Strawberry: Our Cool and creamy Strawberry Milkshakes make a delicious drink or a casual dessert
  • Red Berry: Healthy and tasty Red Berry milkshake is sure to win your heart.
  • Cherry: You will not be able to resist our sweet, rich, thick and creamy Cherry Milkshake. We guarantee it.

Be it milk shakes or combinations of poutine, once you try them you are sure to come back to us again. We prepare each dish with care and try to make them as perfect as possible. Thus if your tummy wants a yummy and delicious experience then Jimmy’s Fries & Shakes is the perfect destination…



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